Crunching CrunchBase

Editor’s note: Guest author Bruno Aziza is Vice President of Marketing at SiSense and the author of two books on data and analytics.   Prior to SiSense, Bruno worked at BusinessObjects/SAP, Apple, Microsoft and other data start-ups.  You can connect with him directly at This is the first post in our Developer Spotlight Program.

Everyone in the Tech Industry knows CrunchBase, the crowd-sourced database of companies and people.  So when our team of data geeks found out that CrunchBase had opened its API to the world, we thought it was a great opportunity to use our Big Data Analytics software to crunch CrunchBase data. We imported all of CrunchBase data into SiSense Prism, combined the 50+ tables and the 100’s of thousands of rows the API let us read and built a set of snappy dashboards we thought entrepreneurs, investors and technology observers would enjoy.  The results – which we dubbed “CrunchAnalytics” – is a solution that’s available for free @

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