6 Degrees of Crunchbase with Wikisway

Editor’s note: Guest author Huston Hedinger is the Founder and CEO of Wikisway, a Portland Seed Fund alumni company.  He founded Wikisway while finishing his Master’s in Policy, Economics, and Social Network Analysis at the Monterey Institute of International Studies.  Before Wikisway, Huston worked for Village Capital with startups in the Middle East.  You can connect with him directly at Huston.Hedinger@wikisway.com or @hustonhedinger.

For entrepreneurs, investors, and journalists CrunchBase is the go-to resource for startup related research. We believe the most important aspect of CrunchBase is the relationships between people and organizations. We wanted to make it easier for the startup community to understand these relationships so we built the Wikisway Beta Platform, a powerful visualization of CrunchBase’s already rich content.
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