Research with CrunchBase Accelerating

Editor’s note: Guest blogger Colleen Chien is an Assistant Professor of Law at Santa Clara University of Law.  She does empirical research on the patent system and has testified before Congress and various governmental agencies on the impact of innovation policy on startups. Her recent study on Startups and Patent Trolls was crunched here and here. You can follow her @colleen_chien or contact her at This is the first post in our Research Spotlight Program.

There’s actually an answer to most questions, but often the data or resources to get to the bottom of it are lacking. Historically it’s been difficult to get good data about startups because young companies have a smaller footprint – in terms of revenues, customers, and other measures tracked by traditional business intelligence firms.  Crunchbase, however, has filled this gap to become an invaluable resource for those focused on figuring out what is really going on among startups. This may explain why, as Crunchbase has grown, so has its popularity with researchers as seen on Google Scholar.

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