The Startup Universe According to

Editor’s note: is the latest addition to the CrunchBase Spotlight Program which highlights the best applications and research built on the CrunchBase dataset.  Contact us if you’d like to be part of the program.

San Francisco-based data visualization and infographics startup, in collaboration with Milan-based design agency Accurat and graphic designer Ben Willers, released The Startup Universe – an interactive guide that shows the network of startups, founders, and venture capitalists found in CrunchBase. Using the CrunchBase API, incorporated more than 12,000 venture capitalists, 29,000 startups, and 34,000 founders to create this web of relationships. Here is the home page where the top 50 startups by category can be seen or a simple search can be done.

Screen Shot 2013-07-10 at 10.50.35 AM

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CrunchBase Goes Pound for Pound With VentureSource – Insights From Guillaume Goujon

Editor’s note: Research by Guillaume Goujon (@Inn0vmatt3rs) is the latest addition to the CrunchBase Spotlight Program which highlights the best applications and research built on the CrunchBase dataset.

After CrunchBase released the April 2013 Excel Spreadsheet, Guillaume Goujon analyzed the accuracy of CrunchBase in How Accurate is CrunchBase? – Part 1 and Part 2. Goujon concluded that in 2010-2012, the accuracy of CrunchBase’s VC rounds were 85-95% and the accuracy of funding raised by region in the US and Europe was identical to reports by VentureSource.

Thanks to the CrunchBase Venture Program and the CrunchBase community, the data is getting better than ever.

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Sunrise Update Brings Foursquare, CrunchBase, And Google Maps Integration To The Already-Smart Calendar

Editor’s note: This is a repost of a TechCrunch article written by Jordan Crook.  Sunrise is the latest addition to the CrunchBase Spotlight Program which highlights the best applications and research built on the CrunchBase dataset.  Contact us if you’d like to be part of the program.

Sunrise, the Google-friendly calendar app that focuses on design, may have some competition coming from iOS 7, but even with the added pressure, the Sunrise team is clearly making strides.  Today, Sunrise was updated in the App Store to add support for foursquare check-ins, CrunchBase and Google Maps, along with some design tweaks.

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Introducing BizWiki for CrunchBase

Editor’s note: Guest author Jeff King is EVP/GM at Mimvi, a search and recommendation start-up located in Sunnyvale and Los Angeles.  His background is in high tech and running large entertainment properties (American Idol, Fox, The Oscars, Emmys, ABC).  You can connect with him directly or @jeffkingla.

BizWiki by Mimvi is the latest addition to the CrunchBase Spotlight Program which highlights the best applications and research built on the CrunchBase dataset.  Mimivi’s application brings the CrunchBase experience directly to your iPhone and is now available for free in the Apple Store.  Start-ups, investors, and entrepreneurs can now leverage the power of CrunchBase’s incredible database of high tech players in a robust, well-designed mobile app.  Finding relationships between companies employees, funding/funders, entrepreneurs and location-based searches are all possible with the power of BizWiki.

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6 Degrees of Crunchbase with Wikisway

Editor’s note: Guest author Huston Hedinger is the Founder and CEO of Wikisway, a Portland Seed Fund alumni company.  He founded Wikisway while finishing his Master’s in Policy, Economics, and Social Network Analysis at the Monterey Institute of International Studies.  Before Wikisway, Huston worked for Village Capital with startups in the Middle East.  You can connect with him directly at or @hustonhedinger.

For entrepreneurs, investors, and journalists CrunchBase is the go-to resource for startup related research. We believe the most important aspect of CrunchBase is the relationships between people and organizations. We wanted to make it easier for the startup community to understand these relationships so we built the Wikisway Beta Platform, a powerful visualization of CrunchBase’s already rich content.
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Research with CrunchBase Accelerating

Editor’s note: Guest blogger Colleen Chien is an Assistant Professor of Law at Santa Clara University of Law.  She does empirical research on the patent system and has testified before Congress and various governmental agencies on the impact of innovation policy on startups. Her recent study on Startups and Patent Trolls was crunched here and here. You can follow her @colleen_chien or contact her at This is the first post in our Research Spotlight Program.

There’s actually an answer to most questions, but often the data or resources to get to the bottom of it are lacking. Historically it’s been difficult to get good data about startups because young companies have a smaller footprint – in terms of revenues, customers, and other measures tracked by traditional business intelligence firms.  Crunchbase, however, has filled this gap to become an invaluable resource for those focused on figuring out what is really going on among startups. This may explain why, as Crunchbase has grown, so has its popularity with researchers as seen on Google Scholar.

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Introducing the Research Spotlight Program

Today we are introducing the CrunchBase Research Spotlight Program, the companion to the Developer Spotlight Program.  This is our way of featuring great research that’s been done using CrunchBase data.

Researchers, academics, and whomever else has a love for CrunchBase data can take part in the Spotlight Program.  If we choose your research, we’ll write about your work on the CrunchBase blog and share it through our regular newsletters. Of course we’ll also let our friends at TechCrunch know about your work.   Continue reading

Crunching CrunchBase

Editor’s note: Guest author Bruno Aziza is Vice President of Marketing at SiSense and the author of two books on data and analytics.   Prior to SiSense, Bruno worked at BusinessObjects/SAP, Apple, Microsoft and other data start-ups.  You can connect with him directly at This is the first post in our Developer Spotlight Program.

Everyone in the Tech Industry knows CrunchBase, the crowd-sourced database of companies and people.  So when our team of data geeks found out that CrunchBase had opened its API to the world, we thought it was a great opportunity to use our Big Data Analytics software to crunch CrunchBase data. We imported all of CrunchBase data into SiSense Prism, combined the 50+ tables and the 100’s of thousands of rows the API let us read and built a set of snappy dashboards we thought entrepreneurs, investors and technology observers would enjoy.  The results – which we dubbed “CrunchAnalytics” – is a solution that’s available for free @

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Introducing the Developer Spotlight Program

Today we are introducing the CrunchBase Developer Spotlight Program, our way of highlighting great applications built with the CrunchBase API. The CrunchBase API was launched in July 2008 and is now used by over one thousand developers to power investment analysis, academic studies, market research, recruiting and more.

Developers who take part in the Spotlight Program will have their application featured on the CrunchBase blog, linked from the CrunchBase homepage, and shared through our regular email newsletters. We’ll also share great uses of the API with the writers at TechCrunch.  To be a part of the CrunchBase Developer Spotlight program, please ensure that your application meets the following basic guidelines:

  • Your application is publicly accessible
  • Your application attributes CrunchBase according to the CrunchBase API TOS
  • Your application directs users to CrunchBase to update missing or out-dated information

To submit your application, send us an email at send us an email.   We look forward to hearing from you! You can follow us on TwitterFacebook, or right here.