CrunchBase Venture Program FAQ

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Who can join the Venture Program?   The CrunchBase venture program is open to venture funds, angel  groups, accelerators and incubators.  To join the program, submit the name of your firm here.

Why is it important for Venture Program members to share their public data with CrunchBase?  Investors can support their portfolio companies by contributing timely and accurate information to CrunchBase. Everyday on CrunchBase reporters and analysts research companies, job seekers learn about opportunities, and businesses find new partners. Entrepreneurs also use CrunchBase to identify potential investors by reviewing investor portfolios.

What are the advantages for portfolio companies in CrunchBase?   Each month, millions of people use CrunchBase to learn about technology companies. Reporters find background information, investors follow companies’ progress, job seekers prepare for interviews, and business development teams evaluate potential opportunities. We want CrunchBase to be the most open, rich, and accurate dataset in the startup community, and make it available to everyone.

Should Venture Program members provide information about portfolio companies that are no longer operating?   While many startups are no longer operating, their information is still valuable. Connections formed between entrepreneurs and investors, product ideas, and past industry views provide the basis for new companies to form and innovate. In fact, a significant amount of CrunchBase traffic flows to data about companies that are no longer operating. That data is an invaluable part of the CrunchBase dataset.

What information will members of the Venture Program provide CrunchBase?   CrunchBase is interested in public information announced by your organization. This may include funding updates, staffing changes, product launches, and acquisitions. Just to be clear, we are not asking Venture Program members to provide all announcements made by their portfolio companies, only those issued by the venture partner.

How can we send information to CrunchBase?   CrunchBase wants to make things as simple as possible for members of the Venture Program. Once you join the program, we’ll provide detailed instructions on how data can be provided to CrunchBase.

Do members of the Venture Program require a commercial license?   For all internal and non-commercial uses of the CrunchBase Dataset, members of the CrunchBase Venture Program need only enroll and be accepted into the Program.  Other commercial uses of the data require a separate license.  Also, note that membership in the Program does not extend to a member’s portfolio companies.  Please contact us at for more details.

How can my firm join the program?   The CrunchBase venture program is open to venture funds, angel investment groups and incubators.  To join the program, submit the name of your firm here.