CrunchBase Licensing Guidelines

We provide the CrunchBase Dataset under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial License [CC-BY-NC] as described in our Terms of Service.  This document provides guidelines for licensees, but does not extend to the Terms of Service and applicable commercial agreements.  We may update this document periodically and will inform licensees when that occurs.

Use of the CrunchBase Dataset and Trademarks

Generally, the CrunchBase Dataset and CrunchBase trademarks may not be used for commercial purposes without CrunchBase’s express written permission. Limited use of CrunchBase’s trademarks is acceptable provided that the trademarks are used for the purpose of identifying or describing CrunchBase’s products or services, and provided that such usage includes a link back to the applicable CrunchBase profile.  You may also use limited data from CrunchBase profiles on your website or service provided that the following conditions are met:  content is limited to profile names, primary associations, links to images, and no more than two lines of descriptive text from CrunchBase. Further, you must follow the attribution requirements outlines in the Terms of Service.

API Access to the CrunchBase Dataset

Access to the CrunchBase API can be obtained from our Developer Website.  We offer only one API for both commercial and non-commercial use; however, commercial users can request higher rate limits and their use of the data is governed by the Commercial License.

Exports of the CrunchBase Dataset

Commercial licensees have the option of getting the CrunchBase Dataset through a MySQL database export.  The export contains a snapshot of the current dataset and is updated on a daily basis.  To gain access to the export, please send a request to  We do not offer full data exports in any other format.

Public Distribution of the CrunchBase Dataset

Distribution of CrunchBase Dataset must be done in accordance with the commercial agreement.  If you are distributing CrunchBase data on a public website we ask that you follow the attribution guidelines noted in the Terms of Service.  These guidelines insure that search engines continue to recognize CrunchBase as the authoritative source profile information.